Smart and Skilled Notification of Enrolment Policy and Procedure


AD1 College understands that, as a Provider contracted under Smart and Skilled, we are contractually obliged to follow the Notification of Enrolment procedure as specified in the Smart and Skilled Operating Guidelines (Section 6).


AD1 College will follow the following procedures when enrolling learners in Smart and Skilled training courses:

  1. Check eligibility of prospective learner: general eligibility criteria are included in the table below. Further details including eligibility for Aboriginal, Disabled and Unemployed people are available in Schedule 2 in the Smart and Skilled Contract.

    Learners and Providers will fill in the Proof of Eligibility on enrolment. This is available in the pages below. (For further details refer to the Fee Administration Policy, Schedule 6).
    To be eligible for a Smart and Skilled Place you must meet the following criteria
    Type of training Eligibility criteria
    For all Smart and Skilled
    • Australian citizen, permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder, or New Zealand citizen, and
    • aged 15 years or older, and
    • left school, and
    • live or work in New South Wales (or a defined NSW border)
    • Registered as a NSW Apprentice or New Entrant Trainee
    Learners will be provided with the following list regarding the evidence required to provide proof of eligibility.
    Proof required of: Evidence Required
    Proof of Identity USI – validity checked with Office of USI Registrar
    Proof of Identity USI – validity checked with Office of USI Registrar
    Resident or Humanitarian
    Visa holder
    Australian Birth Certificate, passport or a Certificate of evidence of Resident Status which confirms status as an Australian permanent resident, or Humanitarian visa
    Date of birth Valid USI check and participant signature
    Place of residency or employment NSW Participant declaration and signature
    If registered as a NSW apprentice or new entrant trainee Training contract identifier (TCID) – Department System check against Training Contract details stored in State Training Service database
    Completion of Year 10 or equivalent (if under 17) Participant declaration and signature
    Postcode for ATSI on borders Participant declaration and signature
    Welfare recipient Centrelink Evidence – proof of benefit or
    Centrelink Evidence – dependent child of a specified welfare recipient
    Aboriginal descent Participant declaration and signature
    Disability Centrelink Evidence: proof of Disability Support Pension Documentary evidence of training support needs due to disability. A letter or statement from:
    • A medical practitioner
    • An appropriate government agency or
    • Relevant specialist allied health professional or
    Centrelink evidence – dependent child of a recipient of a Disability Support Pension
    Social Housing recipient (aged 15- 30) Participant declaration and signature
    Evidence of Commonwealth Welfare Recipient Status
    or Evidence of a dependent of person with Commonwealth Welfare
    Recipient Status
    Long term unemployed Letter from Service Provider
    At enrolment, Learners must sign:
    • Consent to Use and Disclosure of Personal Information to the Department of Education and Communities and Other Government Agencies, included on page 5 below and in the Smart and Skilled Operating Guidelines, Schedule 1. It is to be used in addition to the Provider’s normal Privacy Policy and Procedures. This exact wording must be used but can be incorporated into any existing notification/consent forms or used as a stand-alone declaration.
    • Prospective Learner Declaration: As included in the Eligibility Checklist
    • Privacy Form if provider is applying for USI on their behalf is included in the USI policy document and can also found at:
    (Refer to USI Policy and Smart and Skilled Checklist with regard to use of the Privacy Form)
  2. Inform learners of any subcontracting arrangements.
  3. Complete the Notification of Enrolment Process in the Provider calculator on STS Online to notify STS of the learner enrolment. The calculator will:
    • Validate eligibility of learner
    • Add details of Credit transfer or RPL
    • Generate details of the fee chargeable, subsidies and loadings
    This process will be completed in advance of a learner starting training.

    AD1 College understands that failure to complete the process before a learner commences training means the learner cannot be reported through the online (e-Reporting) system and this may result in payment not being made for these learners.

    The following process as outlined by State Training Services will be followed to ensure the correct Notification of Enrolment process is completed:

    • Complete an enquiry.
    • A Quote ID is issued for the enquiry. (A Quote ID is only issued if the enquiry is successful, which means the individual is eligible to undertake the Smart and Skilled subsidised course selected.)
    • Complete the additional information required for the Notification of Enrolment. (This step cannot be completed if the enquiry is not successful.)
    On completion of the Notification of Enrolment process a Learner Commitment ID is issued by State Training Services and a copy kept on our file.
  4. A hard or electronic copy of the Notification of Enrolment Report is generated and a copy kept on our file.
  5. The learner must be informed of all fees, schedule of payments, refunds for withdrawal or deferment and the policy relating to fees paid in advance. All relevant information will be included in the Fee Administration Policy, published on our website.

Note to points 3 & 4:

  • A successful Notification of Enrolment for a learner is achieved when a provider is issued with a Commitment ID.

    Commitment IDs begin with a "C" e.g. C150022650.

  • An enquiry which results in a Quote and the issue of a Quote ID is not equivalent.

    A Quote ID is distinguishable because it begins with a "Q", e.g. Q15000378751.

  • The Notification of Enrolment can be undertaken as a single transaction or a two-stage transaction depending on when an enquiry proceeds to enrolment.
  • Where a provider has undertaken a successful enquiry and not undertaken the Notification of Enrolment in the same transaction, they will need to return to that enquiry by clicking on the Quote ID in the Smart and Skilled Provider Calculator - Maintenance screen and provide the extra details to complete the Notification of Enrolment.
  • Quote IDs will expire after seven days from the date of issue if the Notification of Enrolment is not undertaken before then.


Information on how to access STS online can be found on the State Training Services website:

Consent to Use and Disclose Personal Information



(First, Middle, and Last Name)


(Current residential address INCLUDING POSTCODE)

With date of birth:
Please add a current and valid photo ID in this upload box. E.g. NSW Drivers License or passport.
Understand and agree that personal information (information or an opinion about me), collected from me, my parent or guardian, such as my name, Unique Learner Identifier, date of birth, contact details, training outcomes and performance, or sensitive personal information (including my ethnicity or health information) (together Personal Information) collected by AD1 College, may be disclosed to the Department of Education & Communities (Department).

The Department may disclose my personal information to other Australian government agencies, including those located in States and Territories outside of New South Wales.

The above government agencies may use my Personal Information for any purpose relating to the exercise of their government functions, including but not limited to the evaluation and assessment of my training, the determination of my eligibility to receive subsided training or for any Fee Exemption or Concessions. My Personal Information may also be disclosed to other third parties if required by law.

I consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my Personal Information in the manner outlined above.

I also acknowledge and agree that the Department may contact me by telephone, email or post during or after I have ceased subsidised training with the College of Transformation, Education and Training for the purposes of evaluating and assessing my subsided training.

I confirm that I have been understood the contents of the Learner Handbook.
Today’s Date
Full Name of Guardian
Signature of Guardian I declare I am the person whose name is written here and I give consent for this training.

Proof of Eligibility Checklist

Learners are required to provide proof of eligibility for the Smart and Skilled Program on enrolment as in the table below. Learners are to sign declarations as required and staff members are to fill in sections to indicate the sighting of documents and/or copies kept. This Checklist should be kept on Learner file as evidence of collection of proof of eligibility along with the completed Notification of Enrolment form.


Given Name(s)
Middle Name
Preferred name if different
Date of birth
Mobile phone number
Home phone number (02)
Home Email
Work Email
Post Code
Country of Birth If not Australia:
City of Birth
Native Language If not English:
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin
Proficiency in Spoken English
English assistance needed

If yes, you will be directed towards a Learning Centre. Please contact AD1 College Administration on (02) 9594 0655.

Qualification Name and Code
Qualification Start Date
Highest COMPLETED school level
Year Completed
Dependent child or partner of a person in receipt of a disability support pensions
Unique Student Identifier(USI)
Australian Citizenship
Permanent resident or Humanitarian Visa holder
A Certificate of Evidence of Residence Status (CERS)
Humanitarian visa
I am registered as a NSW apprentice or new entrant trainee
Last Qualification completed since leaving school
Date of completion
Currently enrolled in a Qualification Course(s) other than the one this form applies to.

If Yes, name of course(s):

Do you wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning?
Do you have any special needs?
Welfare Recipient
Job Seeker ID
Referring Employment Office
Referring Case Manager
Registered as long term unemployed (i.e. unemployed for 12 months or more)
Do you require support with any of the following
Speaking Difficulties
Listening Difficulties
Reading Difficulties
Writing Difficulties
Flexibility with delivery due to work, family, or other commitments
To be entitled to a fee free enrolment in training you must meet all of the criteria below. (Evidence of age, welfare recipient status and a check of the STS database must be completed as per requirements outlined above).
I am 15 – 30 years of age
I live in Social Housing or I am on the waiting list for social housing (see notes below)
I am a commonwealth welfare recipient
I am the dependent of a commonwealth welfare recipient
I have not received a Fee Free Scholarship for another Qualification since July 2015.
Social Housing is defined as:
  • public housing or community housing (owned and managed by the NSW Government or managed by a community housing provider)
  • Aboriginal housing (owned and/or managed by the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) and Aboriginal Community Housing Providers)
  • clients receiving crisis accommodation/supported accommodation (Specialist Homelessness Services)
  • clients receiving private rental assistance funded by Family and Community Services (for example: private rental subsidy, rental bond loans, tenancy guarantees)

Prospective Learner Declaration


(First, Middle, and Last Name)


(Current residential address INCLUDING POSTCODE)

With date of birth:
Declare that all information provided by myself to AD1 College in connection with the Notification of Enrolment Process is true, accurate, complete and not misleading in any way.
I have been informed of (delete as relevant)
  • There is not a subcontracting arrangement in place
  • The fees chargeable
  • The Learner Information as follows:
    • Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer
    • Consumer protection information
    • Subcontractor information if relevant
    • What a learner should do if they wish to defer or discontinue training
    • How learners can access support during training
    • Contact details for any support services provided
    • Learner Handbook
Today’s Date:
Emergency Contact Name
Relationship with Contact
Emergency Contact’s Phone Number
English Proficiency of Emergency Contact
Other languages spoken by your Emergency Contact Person, if English is not spoken