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SIT30616 CIII in Hospitality

This course will put you in good stead regardless of which career you end up in. The service industries are designed to provide you with invaluable communication and customer service skills. If you have recently left school or are transitioning form unemployment or another industry, this is a great place to start!

If you realise you love Hospitality as so many do, then you will benefit from having developed the skills needed to work in one of Australia's most dynamic industries. Hospitality and tourism are rapidly growing industries and offer an interesting and varied range of employment opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

This Hospitality course helps you understand how the industry works, learn about some of the best and most exciting employment opportunities, and develop practical skills to make you job-ready.

Hospitality workers are in high demand in restaurants, cafes, accommodation services, clubs, casinos, hotels and motels, tourism services, catering services and a broad range of other businesses.

Get started and then specialise in the area that interests you most!

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