Core LLN assessment form

Target core skills

This task covers ACSF Learning and Oral communication at Levels 1, 2 or 3.

Can you tell me about something that you learned recently?

How did you learn it? People learn new skills every day, such as how to use the internet, how to record TV shows or how to drive a car. (NOTE: This question is to gather information about HOW the learning occurred, rather than WHAT the learning was about.)

What do you like about learning? Can you talk about how you think you like to learn?

What helps you to learn? People learn in different ways. Some learn best by listening and writing, some from visual aids such as the whiteboard or the TV, some learn by watching and doing. Others like to learn in a group, while some people prefer to learn one-on-one with a support person.

A self-reflection…

Tell us about your reading, writing and numeracy skills.

I can … Yes Sometimes No
Understand signs
Fill in a time sheet
Count and check change when shopping
Send a text message
Use the internet to get information like telephone numbers
Fill in a leave form
Read a staff memo
Use a computer to email
Use a calculator for + – x ÷
Read a newspaper
Read a work roster
Follow instructions for mixing a solution or to follow a recipe
Read a Google map or street directory
Use an equipment manual
Write an incident report

Target core skills

This task covers ACSF Numeracy Levels 2 and 3.

  1. A box holds 15 lettuces. At the end of the day the farm crew had filled 86 boxes. How many lettuces is that in total? Show how you worked this out.

  2. Diesel costs $1.86 per litre. The tractor’s fuel tank is empty. When full it holds 1200 litres. How much money would it cost to fill up the tractor with fuel? Show how you worked this out.

  3. A phone survey asked 300 people the following question:

    Should Australia export live cattle? Answer: Yes or No.

    The results of the survey were Yes 45% No 55%

    a) How many people voted yes? Show how you worked this out.

    b) How many people voted no? Show how you worked this out.

  4. It has taken a 20 minute bus ride from home to the station, then a 35 min train ride to the closest station to this office.

    How long have you been travelling?

  5. You have to fly into Airport terminal A and then walk to Airport Terminal B to fly out to Sydney. Write out the directions and estimate the distance to walk.

  6. a. What is the $ value of 5.2 million seals?

    b. How many seals will be culled to make the $20 million in 2000?

    c. Calculate the seals remaining for each decade and complete the table

    Destruction of Harper Seals in Canada in 2000 The Harper seal population in 2000 is 5.2 million with prices for pelts at $50 each. The 12,000 sealers aim to kill enough seals to make $20 million from this season’s cull. The cull (government organised killing) is part of the government’s strategy to maintain seal numbers. Thirty years ago the numbers were vastly different.

    Decadee 1970 1980 1990 2000
    Seal pop 1.5 mill 2.3 mill 3.5 mill 5.2 mill
    Cull limit 150,000 175,000 250,000
    Seal numbers after cull

Core LLN Assessment form

LLN Summary Task Description Sign off which competencies have been demonstrated
Pre-Level 1 Reading Writing
Oral Communication
  • cannot find where to write name
  • cannot complete form without intensive support
  • explain something recently learned
Level 1 Reading Writing
Oral Communication
  • reads form with assistance
  • writes - without assistance – personal details onto the form
  • identifies the math’s in Task 1 and completes the task
  • can answer direct , factual questions about self
Level 2 Reading Writing
Oral Communication
  • reads form without support
  • writes (min.) two sentences about how they have learned statement
  • can guess that the math’s in Tasks 4 & 5 are accurate/correct and uses simple mathematical processes
  • explains personal learning situation and preferences
Level 3 Reading Writing
Oral Communication
  • writes detailed analysis of what they learned, how they learned and how they like to learn
  • estimates that the math ‘s Tasks 4 , 5 & 6 are accurate/correct and uses appropriate mathematical processes
  • Able to complete enrolment form and submit

Client demonstrated a LLN Level