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Training - Vocational training for career development.

Resources - Store your Employee files and related HR documents/ templates. Link to your existing HRMS.

Appraisal -A leading HR 360 Performance management system inorporating the Balanced Scorecard. 

Improvement - A company led wellness forum with a focus on personal development and small, achievable wins. 

Networking - A Social wall for the organisation where you can post notifications, funny memes or colleagues can just keep in touch. A quick way to also send out a company wide notification.


About Us

Work TRAIN was born from seeing that skills gaps were easy to blame for issues within a company, when possibly more serious issues such as company culture, wellness, performance management and social interaction may play a part as well in under-performing personnel/ teams/ departments/ companies.

Work TRAIN attempts to address some of these issues with our 360 Performance Management system incorporating the Balanced Scorecard, a Social Wall and Wellness forum.

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